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Shenyang releases new promotion film
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-05-19

On November 18, 2022,Shenyang released the city promotion film "New Shenyang",taking you to experience the infinite vitality of Shenyang in a day.On May 18, 2023,Shenyang once again released the international version of promotion film,"Hello, Shenyang!",introducing you to the "new name" of the "old friend".Yes, please call me "International Shenyang".

This film is produced by Shenyang TheWay Advertising Co., Ltd. The international version of the promotion film is themed with a friendly greeting of "Hello, Shenyang!", and selects the most representative international elements from multiple aspects including history, culture, industry, humanities, ecology, urban construction, life and facilities.After careful design and via international popular filming and editing techniques, the international temperament of Shenyang is fully demonstrated. The entire film is cheerful, avant-garde and fashionable. It is a city promotion film full of international style.

"International Shenyang" has a profound foundation and long-term accumulation.

"International Shenyang" is hospitable and friendly.

"International Shenyang" is avant-garde and innovative.

"Hello, Shenyang!" showcases the new look of "International Shenyang" and takes you to experience the unique charm of Shenyang!

"International Shenyang" is open, friendly, dynamic and modern.It is worth loving.