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Source: Shenyang Portal Website 2020-02-13

Information in this website is authorized and provided by Shenyang municipal government, government departments, and other relative organizations. Any information provided will be used only for the purpose of information sharing in this website and other governmental websites. The copyright concerned with this website exclusively belongs to the website. Any other media, website, or business institutions is not allowed to copy information from this website for commercial or other profitable purposes. Nor can they distort or falsify any information provided on the website. To request access to copy, reference or link, please contact us for legal authorization. Otherwise, those who copy, reference and link will bear all the ensuing consequences.

Shenyang Portal Website is the source of information about government affairs in Shenyang. In the meanwhile, it covers a large number of news, documents and service information that reflect the  economic, cultural and social situation of Shenyang. While the editors of the website write their own articles, they also adopt articles and images from domestically-published newspapers and books. Authors of any selected articles or pictures may contact us provided you think the adoption is improper. We will delete it right away. In addition, if any person or department wants to copy the information from the website, make sure that you get permission from the original author.

If information provided in this website does not conform to relevant paper-based texts, please refer to paper-based texts. The English and Chinese domain name of the website, and Shenyang Portal Website are owned by this website. Therefore, other websites are not allowed to use either of these names.

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