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Source: Shenyang Portal Website 2020-02-13

Chinese domain name: General Office of Shenyang People's Government.

Portal website of Shenyang, China, is sponsored by Shenyang Committee of the Communist Party of China and Shenyang Municipal People's Government, undertaken by General Office of Shenyang Committee of the Communist Party of China and General Office of Shenyang Municipal People's Government.It is operated and maintained by the website of Shenyang which belongs to Shenyang Daily Press Group. The content of the website covers all aspects of politics, economics, society, culture, education and life in Shenyang. It is the center of all public information websites authorized by the municipal government, a public media of the government affairs, a window of propaganda and a platform to serve the society. So far, we have initially established a city website system in which Shenyang Portal Website is the center and other websites of all levels of government are the branches.

The new version of this portal website of Shenyang, China, has been opened to the public. It's made up of 7 special categories. They are: front page, party affairs, government affairs, administrative services, interaction between government and the public, Shenyang online, application". More than 190 columns are set up.In order to provide the public with a more comprehensive, more convenient and faster Internet service, Shenyang Portal Website is constructed under the principles of putting people first and serving the society. It functions as the service platform and bridge for communications between the public and the government. In addition, it plays a positive role in promoting both open government and open party affairs and constructing a service-oriented, warm, efficient and network-based government.

Municipal leaders, party and masses organizations, work trend, important documents, important meetings and some other columns are set up in party affairs category.

In the Open Government channel, there are Leaders' Information, Government Agencies, Government Documents, Government Bulletins, Personnel Information, Statistics, Bidding and Purchasing, Top Political News, Emergency Management, Plans, Financial Publicity and so on. And we've also set up an information disclosure directory of all governmental departments.

In the Service Hall channel, we're constantly expanding our on-line service range and improving the quality of service. Service is mainly focused on administrative matters while being supplemented by social ones. And the form of service develops further from the issuing and sharing of information to transaction processing. These all helped to increase the inter-connectivity between the websites of the government and provide a one stop service for the users.

In the Government-civilian Interaction channel, we are trying to create more avenues for public participation, and make sure that the rights of political participation are well protected, suggestions from civilians are handled promptly and the website is functioning as a bridge for communications between the government and the civilians. We've also set up many columns for our citizens to consult and complaint, such as Mayor's Mailbox, On-line Consultant, On-line Help, Reports and Complaints, On-line Survey, and Polls. These have all helped to increase the public's awareness and satisfaction of the website.