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Austrian executive falls for Shenyang
Source: China Daily 2021-10-21

Austrian Erich Kaiserseder loves Chinese culture. Three years ago, he came to work as a senior executive for an international company in Shenhe district in Shenyang, Liaoning province. He witnessed the unique role of traditional Chinese culture in promoting tourism and consumption there.

He explored the story of the Shenyang Palace Museum and Shenyang Zhongjie.

"When I got here, I immediately fell in love with the city. It has so much to offer — so much culture, so much history. The people are fantastic here," Kaiserseder said.

Zhongjie is one of the best-known commercial areas in China, along with Wangfujing in Beijing and the Confucius Temple area in Nanjing.

Since it was upgraded at the end of 2018, Zhongjie, as a national demonstration pedestrian street, has radiated new vitality and become prominent on the internet.

In the future, Kaiserseder hopes to be a Chinese and foreign cultural envoy and help attract tourists to China from around the world.

Liu Caiqun contributed to this story.