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Come and travel in Shenyang by metro
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2024-01-31

More and more tourists have recently come to Shenyang to enjoy the scenery and culture of N China.In order to facilitate tourists to travel in Shenyang,Shenyang's most beautiful internet famous map 3.0 version has launched a brand new section:Travel in Shenyang by Metro—Spring Festival Chapter.

This section is based on the lines of Shenyang Metro and introduces the spots along the five existing metro lines,namely Line 1,Line 2,Line 4, Line 9 and Line 10.Let's see what they are!

Line 1

You can visit internet famous spots such as the Shenyang Palace Museum, Zhongjie, Zhujue'er and indoor zoo at the Longemont Shopping Mall on Pangjiang Street, Future Technology Museum, Taiyuan Street, Xita Street, Shiyi Fireworks Town, Hongmei Park and Shenyang Urban Ice and Snow Carnival.

Line 2

You can visit Beiling Ice and Snow Carnival, Huanggu Bitang Spring Lantern Show, Laobeishi, Caita Night Market, Olympics Center's Ice and Snow Carnival and more.

Line 9

You can visit 1905 Re-creative Space and Heping Bay Ice and Snow World.

Line 10

You can visit Lilac Town Citypark Ski Park, Tawan Xingshun Night Market, "September 18" Historical Museum, Times Park and Xiaoheyan Morning Market.

Line 4

You can visit Shenshuiwan Ice and Snow Carnival, Future Palace & Spring Stay and more.

It's so fast and convenient to travel in Shenyang by metro.Come and experience it now!