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4 routes for summer travel in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-06-08

Since June,temperature has risen in various regions.The summer heat wave is about to arrive.At this time,it's a good option to travel.

Come to Shenyang!4 routes for summer travel are provided for you!Three-day route,four-day route and five-day route for you to choose!

Route 1

▶Day 1: The Shenyang Palace Museum, Zhang Xueliang's Former Residence Museum, Shenyang Wulihe Park, Wanquan Park, etc.

▶Day 2: Beiling Park, Shenyang Xinle Site Museum, Tawan Xingshun International Night Market, etc.

▶Day 3: Shenyang Museum, Shenyang "9.18" History Museum, SAC Aviation Expo Park, etc.

Route 2

▶Day 1: Shenyang Expo Park, Qipan Mountain Scenic Area, Shenyang Bird Island, Dongling Park, Shenyang Forest Zoological Garden, Shenyang National Forest Park, etc.

▶Day 2: Mozi Mountain Park, Central Park, Shenyang Changbai Island Forest Park, Shenshuiwan Park, Yunyang Pavillion, etc.

▶Day 3: Zhongshan Square, Laobeishi, the Memorial Hall of the Former Site of CPC's Manchuria Provincial Committee, etc.

Route 3

▶Day 1: Shenyang Industrial Museum, Hongmei Park, 1905 Re-creative Space, etc.

▶Day 2: Shenyang Ma'er Mountain Scenic Tourist Resort, Shenyang Water Cave, etc.

▶Day 3: Shenyang Fairy Lake Scenic Area, Sannong Expo Park, Liaozhong Puhe Wetland Park, Huaxidi Hot Spring and Tropical Botanical Garden, Pearl Lake, etc.

▶Day 4: Tiexi West Canyon, BBA Tiexi Plant, Lilac Lake Park, Dade Agricultural Expo Park, etc.

Route 4

▶Day 1: Shenyang Liaohe Qixing Wetland Park, The Magic Slope of Shenyang, Shenyang Fangtawild Adventure, etc.

▶Day 2: Tanbo Art Kingdom, Xibo Nationality Museum, Beitang Hot Spring, Qinghe Peninsula Hot Spring, Seven Star Ocean World, etc.

▶Day 3: Shenyang Faku Lingshan Lake, White Crane Tower, Liaohe River Shenlong Bay Scenic Area, etc.

▶Day 4: Laobeiwei Wine Culture Scenic Spot, Wulong Mountain Scenic Spot, Caihu Tourist Resort, etc.

▶Day 5: Wolong Lake in Kangping, Golden Sand National Desert Park, Ba'erhu Mountain, etc.

Mark this guide!Come to Shenyang for a cool summer!