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Come to Shenyang for a relaxing tour!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2021-09-24

Just after the Mid-Autumn Festival,the National Day holiday is coming!Have you decided where to go?How about a relaxing tour?


Fucheng Ecological Park → Shenyang Jing'an Racecourse → Yiyun Spring Town

Fucheng Ecological Park

Open the door to step into the orchard, open the window to smell the fragrance of rice, go down to the river to catch fish, and catch crabs at night.Fucheng Ecological Park is a farming folk tourism destination that integrates farming experience and farmhouse entertainment. Here, you can pick, go fishing, and enjoy the Xibe style.

Shenyang Jing'an Racecourse

Ride a horse and wander along the bank of the Puhe River to listen to the singing of birds; visit the Manchu family temple, experience ethnic costumes and make Manchu jewelry by yourself.The double harvest of folk culture and horse culture makes your trip worthwhile.

Yiyun Spring Town

Shenyang is prosperous, while this small town is quiet. Spring spa, outdoor spa pool, swimming pool... the leisure experience here is absolutely perfect.

To enjoy a pleasant holiday time,this route must be tried!

Let's go!