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Feast your eyes with the autumn and autumn leaves
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2021-10-19

It's perfect time to feast your eyes

with the autumn and autumn leaves

in Shenyang!

In mid-October,

tourists are greeted

with golden ginkgo leaves

and red maple leaves

in Shenyang.

In Shenshuiwan Park, many citizens take pictures under the forest to enjoy the scenery, keeping memories of this autumn.

In Shenyang Expo Garden, on the undulating slopes, in the valleys, and by the garden roads, thousands of charming colorful-leaf trees nestle together to form a series of landscape oil paintings full of classical aroma.

Shenyang Expo Garden also planned

three routes for admiring autumn leaves.

Route 1: From International Exhibition Garden to the Windmill Forest of Lily Tower in north zone

Route 2: From Phoenix Square through Bonsai Garden to the Flower Overbridge in north zone

Route 3: From Jiuqu Road of Wedding Style Garden to the lawn of Houyi Shooting the Suns in south zone

The autumn color is so fantastic,

how could you miss it!

Go and take a picture with autumn!