Trending night scenes light up Shenyang Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-12-29

The New Year's Day

and the Spring Festival of 2023

are approaching quietly.

Have you

made your holiday plans yet?

On December 28,

Shenyang Urban Management

Comprehensive Administration

and Law Enforcement Bureau


"20 Trending Night Scene Sites".

How many sites have you been to?

Heping Square: Around the square, the elm trees are decorated with red five-pointed stars. Three flower beds are covered with sunflower lamps and balloons. The crowns of shade trees on both sides are evenly hung with red rattan balls.

Zhongshan Park: The flower beds on both sides of the east gate of the park are decorated with red carnations and light butterflies, symbolizing the rejuvenation and vitality of spring.

"Harmony and Unity" sculpture: The sculpture is in the shape of lotus, which is the symbol of "harmonious culture" and "harmonious society".

"Feather of Peace" sculpture: The sculpture simulates the shape of the wings when a pigeon takes off and integrates modern new acoustic and photoelectric technology.

Laobeishi: The stone archway presents the layering and stereoscopic senses of "Golden Dragon Stepping on Colorful Clouds" in golden light.

Huigong Square and Shifu Square: Strings of lights are hung on the trunks and branches of shade trees, and colorful illuminations such as mini lanterns and "Fu" character ornaments are hung in the crown of trees.

Huge "Fu" character projection: A huge "Fu" character formed by projection reflects on the external wall of the office building.

Labor Park: The park uses a variety of novel lamps with sense of science and technology, such as shaking head beam lamps and holographic fan lamps.

1905 Square: With the theme of "treasures out of jade bottle", it tries to reflect the strong festive atmosphere of joy and happiness.

Zhonggong Street Overpass: Seen from a distance, it looks like a big red arch in Chinese style.

Weigong Street: Shade trees are outlined with flexible light strips, and arch structures on the canal are decorated with controllable LED light strings.

Huanghe Street: It is decorated as a "Trending Block" with pumpkin lanterns, Chinese knots, meteor shower lamps, etc.

Taishan Square: Meteor shower lamps and fishing net lamps are used on Taishan Square to add a festive atmosphere.

Canal parks around the provincial government building: Ningshan Garden, Liaohe Garden and other areas create the lighting effect of green plants along the river and riverbank  through bird nest lights, amphibious lights and projection lights. Various themed lighting ornaments are installed to form a night park tour system.

"Etiquette of Reception" Square: "Chun" character lantern group devices are set at the entrance and important positions to create a warm and festive atmosphere.

Green space of Dadong District Committee: A round moon ornament is added at the entrance, and firefly lights are installed on the paths to reflect on the ground, creating a lighting atmosphere of "quiet path".

Wanquan Park: The bridges on both sides of the park are equipped with Be Water Lamps, and the leisure pavilions are decorated with classical lanterns.

Tanbo Art Goddess and Snowman Sculpture: Snowman sculpture ornaments are built in Shenbei Huahai; Tanbo Art Goddess is installed in the Tanbo Art Kingdom by means of colored drawing.

Let's take advantage of the holiday

to enjoy the night scenes of Shenyang!