Let's have a fascinating northern trip!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-01-05

You can not only appreciate flowers,

but also play on snow and ice!

Such a trip to the North

is really fascinating!


the 1st "Glacier Flower Area"

Ice and Snow Themed Park

of Shenyang Expo Garden

grandly opened!

It will take you

to a different Shenyang Expo Garden

and experience

different northern scenery!

Highlight 1: Visit Shenyang Expo Garden by super long snow tubing

The 118-meter double snow tubing is located along the line from the Phoenix Square to Rose Garden, which will take tourists through the "Fairy Flower Sea" to feel the "spring blossoms" in the Rose Garden. The 680-meter super long trendy snow tubing is located along the central exhibition gardens, taking Beijing Garden as the "departure station" and passing through several exhibition gardens, so that visitors can experience the "overflying" on the snow.

Highlight 2: Enjoy the Spring Festival Flower Exhibition in the "Fairy Flower Sea"

In the cold winter, the subtropical plants in the Rose Garden of Shenyang Expo Garden are still green, and the 2023 Spring Festival Flower Exhibition will be held here. In addition, there is an "Insect Parlor" where you can learn about strange insects.

Highlight 3: Free ice amusement activities

All ice amusement activities in the "Fantastic Ice and Snow" interactive amusement zone on the frozen Lihua Lake in the north area are free of charge. The natural ice rink on the frozen Cuihu Lake in the south area can meet the needs of tourists to enjoy speed on the ice.

Highlight 4: Various happy parties

During the event, tourists can participate in the happy parties held in the garden, and the puppet parade will interact with tourists in five scenes. The scenic area will also launch traditional custom activities around various festivals.

Highlight 5: Take the "Snow Train" to taste delicious foods

On the frozen Lihua Lake, there is a beautifully decorated "Snow Train" to take tourists to taste delicious foods. In the warm compartment, there are hot dogs, fried meat and other trendy foods.

Tips: The 680-meter snow tubing is under commissioning, and the official operation time will be released through the WeChat official account of Shenyang Expo Garden.

Enjoy the elf world,

the beautiful scenery in seasons

and the delicious foods!

Go to experience

the dreamy warm winter!