The winter fishing festival is coming!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-01-04

"Flying in Faku

and Fish Swimming in Caihu Lake"

Faku Caihu Lake

"Liao Culture" Winter Fishing Festival

is coming!

Start to cast nets for fishing,

auction the first-caught fish,

go to the fair for Spring Festival goods,

play on ice and snow…

Fun activities are waiting for you!

△File photo by Wnag Yan

The press conference

of 2023 Shenyang Faku Caihu Lake

"Liao Culture" Winter Fishing Festival

is held today!

Come and have a look!

It is reported that the winter fishing festival will last for one month. The opening ceremony will be held on January 6, 2023, at Rainbow Square on the south bank of the Caihu Lake Tourist Resort in Faku County, Shenyang.

The main activities of "starting to cast nets for fishing, sacrifice performance, the Spring Festival Goods fair, playing on ice and snow" can not only enable tourists to travel through the thousands of years and dream back to the Liao Dynasty in the atmosphere of watching winter fishing, tasting fish feast, playing on ice and snow and praying for wealth, but also let them experience the Khitan winter fishing scene in the traditional fishing of "Horse Drawn Kilometer Fishing Net".

The following activities will be held

at the opening ceremony

Perform "Liao saintess’s dance on the drum and royal sacrifice performance";

Hold the lucky first-caught fish auction activity;

Carry out online and offline activities of "going to the fair for Spring Festival goods";

Carry out the activity of "tasting whole fish feast and enjoying delicacies";

Experience snowmobiles, snow tanks, snow mountain surfing and other ice and snow sports.

Let's meet in Faku Caihu Lake

to experience the joy

of winter fishing festival!