Shenyang Bird Island prolongs its business time
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-11-08

With the sound of the whistle,

peacocks flew out of their nests.

Flocks of peacocks flap their wings

to appear in front of people...

Do you want to see

such a magnificent scene?

Good news!

Shenyang Bird Island

prolongs the business time!


you can also go

to Shenyang Bird Island

to watch birds!

According to the practice in previous years,Shenyang Bird Island,which originally closes in winter on November 1,now prolongs its business time this year,and the ticket price is halved.

To this end,Shenyang Bird Island has made adequate preparations to allow tourists to have a good touring experience while enjoying preferential tickets during the off-season.

At present,most birds are on display normally.

Tourists can enjoy watching water birds such as mute swans and black swans swimming in the water,as well as peacocks and guinea fowls walking in the park.

The peacock flying,red crowned crane flying,swan goose patrolling and other behavior shows are also held every morning and afternoon.

Let's go to watch birds!