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Shenyang flavor snack show-Northeastern dumplings
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2021-04-22

In Shenyang, there are many "flavored snacks" that are endlessly memorable.

They are hidden in the streets and alleys, and even inconspicuous, but they can attract diners from all directions like a treasure hunting.

What are their unique charms? Let's take a closer look to these flavored snacks and find the one that suits your taste best!

Northeastern dumplings

Dumplings are available all over the country, but in terms of preference, Northeastern people are definitely "infatuated".

In the hearts of Northeastern people, dumplings represent reunion and are very important food on the table.

Almost every mother can make dumplings, but the tastes are different.

There are a lot of tricks in kneading dough. Some people add salt to the flour to increase the gluten; some people add egg whites to create a smooth dough texture.

Northeastern people rarely make patterns on the dough, but put more real effort into the stuffing.

There are three secrets to the unique flavor of Northeastern dumplings:

one is the special production process of the stuffing, such as stir-fried stuffing; 

the second is the special type of the stuffing, such as northeast sauerkraut dumplings;

the third is to change the pattern in the cooking method, such as fried dumplings.

Do you like Northeastern dumplings?