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Dining in Shenyang
Source: China Daily 2020-10-25

Man Han Quan Xi

Man Han Quan Xi, or Complete Manchu-Han Banquet, is a banquet with features of royal cuisine and local delicacies. With both Han Chinese and Manchu features, it highlights different styles of Manchu dishes such as barbecue and hotpot cooking, and also presents the culinary skills of the ethnic Han Chinese, including boiled and fried cooking.

The Lu Ming Chun restaurant in Shenyang is a recommended place for eating Man Han Quan Xi.

Laobian dumplings

Laobian dumplings are famous for their materials and production process. They are characterized by frying meat stuffing, and stewing the stuffing in chicken soup or bone soup to increase the flavor of the meat stuffing.

Ma's Steamed Dumplings

Ma's Steamed Dumplings, initiated by Ma Chun in 1796, is a popular snack among the Hui ethnic group. They feature springy skin, soft stuffing and a delicious flavor.

Bao Fa Yuan

Founded in 1909, Bao Fa Yuan is a time-honored restaurant with a history dating back over 100 years. In 1980, four dishes of Bao Fa Yuan, fried liver, pork kidney, scrambled eggs and fried meat balls were approved as four famous dishes by Shenyang municipal government. The four dishes have also won the title of Shenyang's top cuisine for five consecutive years.

Li Liangui Bacon Pie

The brand of Li Liangui Bacon Pie was established in 1842. The founder, Li Liangui, was inspired by a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and making the pie involves smoking pork with the ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine. Thus the pork is fatty but not greasy, and the pancake is crispy.

Xita Korean Food

Xita (Korean Town) is a hotspot for South Korean food including Korean roast meat, cold noodles, spicy sauted rice cake, and beef tripe hotpot.

Clay barbecue

Clay barbecue is one of the special dishes of Chinese food culture. Jiaohuaji (popularly known as "beggar's chicken"), is a dish of chicken wrapped in lotus leaves and baked in clay.