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City's studies at doorsteps
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-06-26

When it comes to the innovative construction of city's studies in Shenyang,many distinctive city's studies such as Mozishan City's Study and Times Library will be thought of.

At present,Shenyang has built 26 city's studies and 116 city's study rooms.The city's studies distribute in different corners of the city have become beautiful scenic spots in Shenyang.

More and more city's studies and city's study rooms in Shenyang have become new choices for the public to enjoy cultural life, enabling citizens to share the achievements of cultural construction and experience the happiness at their doorsteps.

What is the difference among the city's study, the library and the book store? City's study is a new type of reading place built on the basis of public libraries. The city's studies in Shenyang all have functions of book borrowing and reading & self-study, as well as the digital intelligent management system, providing readers with a convenient and fast self-service reading experience.

In addition to reading, city's studies in Shenyang place more emphasis on leisure, display and interaction in terms of service functions, making the library's functions to extend continuously. In terms of the opening hours, it forms a stagger and complements with the library to make it a good place for readers to go after work.

City's studies make "poetry and future" accessible.By the end of this year,there will be 31 or 32 city's studies and 185 city's study rooms in Shenyang.Perhaps in the future,as soon as you leave home,you will see a highly distinctive city's study or a city's study room.Looking forward to it!