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Hustle and bustle returns to campuses
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-02-28

Winter is gone and spring is coming.

Everything looks new.

The lovely students are back!

Students come and go in groups

to different places!

Campuses in Shenyang

are bustling again!

After a "super long" winter vacation,

the students walking at a brisk pace

usher in the new semester

with the breath of spring!

The entrance

of Shenyang Ligong University

is bustling with traffic.

Vehicles and crowds in and out

mean that

the university campus is open again,

and students return

to the long-lost campus.

As the ice and snow melts,

the distant mountains become green.

The balloon arch was set up early

at the entrance

of Shenyang Normal University

to welcome students

to "come back home"!

At Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,

the first flag-raising ceremony

of the new semester


With the vigorous and majestic

national anthem,

the Five-Starred Red Flag rises slowly.

Students and faculty salute with eyes

and sing the national anthem

in unison.

The classrooms are as neat as before

and the kind classmates are also here.


the students

of the Northeastern University

endure the hardships of a long journey

and come for the dreams!

The students' laughing and talking,

the class with heated discussion,

the orderly scientific research experiment…

The campus

is full of the sound of reading again.

Crossing the winter vacation,

it's been a while since we last met!

Hello, new semester!

Hello, old friends!

Let's embrace

the wonderful university life

in Shenyang!