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Returning to school: 4 things to know
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-02-23

As spring comes,

the new term

is also coming as scheduled.

School is a crowded place,

and it is the season

of high incidence

of respiratory infectious diseases.

Shenyang Health Service Center reminds:

The epidemic

prevention and control measures

should not be relaxed.

Students and faculty

should perform

a good health monitoring.

If there is fever and other symptoms,

do not return to school.

▶Self-health monitoring

Learn about the school's epidemic prevention arrangements in advance, and perform a good self-health monitoring. If there is fever, cough, fatigue and other symptoms, do not return to school. Please observe your conditions at home, seek medical advice scientifically, and report to head teachers in time.

▶Be prepared for epidemic prevention

Before going to school, prepare disposable medical masks (or surgical masks), disposable disinfectants (or disinfected wipes) and other items, and learn to use them correctly. Learn the 7 steps for hand washing.

▶Pay attention to infectious diseases in winter and spring

Norovirus has obvious seasonality, which is generally from December to February of the next year in the North. Because of its short incubation period, long detoxification time and many kinds of transmission routes, people are generally susceptible. During the high incidence period, please pay attention to hygiene when eating out. Wash raw fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating, and cook the food thoroughly. Do not drink unboiled water.

▶Keep away from potential safety hazards

Recently, the temperature has gradually risen. The center sections of some rivers start melting, and the ice surface is fragile and thin. Parents should remind children to stay away from the ice surface when playing, and not to venture across the ice surface.