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Gambian medical student aims to help his country
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-08-10

Lamin Janneh,an international student from Gambia,is pursuing a postgraduate degree in neurosurgery at China Medical University.It has been three years since he arrived in Shenyang.

Janneh said,"After I finish my studies,I will go back to my home country to become the second neurosurgeon and earn a lot of money.This is my dream."

With the help of his supervisor,Professor Wu Anhua,Janneh found a way to overcome cross-cultural challenges and discovered why so many CMU teachers have joined medical aid teams for Gambia and other countries in the recent decades.

Janneh made up mind to join the China medical aid team and seek help from Chen Lei,dean of CMU's international college,who told him it was a lofty ideal,and in the future Janneh would definitely become a member of the medical aid team.But not now.Now he should study hard and make all kinds of preparations.

As a team member,Janneh should connect the needs of the Gambian people with the resources provided by China's medical aid team and serve the health of the Gambian people and the global community,Chen told him.

With the support of the university,Janneh started an online program with classmates from home and abroad to serve as a bridge between the China medical aid team and local patients.

Janneh said,"I will not only bring advanced medical technology back home but also will contribute to the global community of health for all."