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Vocational Education Reform in Shenyang Has Achieved Remarkable Results, Ranking First in the Province
The enrollment ratio of vocational schools and regular senior secondary schools was kept at around 48 to 52, making the ratio of vocational schools to regular senior secondary schools roughly equal
Source: Shenyang Daily 2022-04-20

On April 18, the reporter learned from the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Education that the vocational education reform in Shenyang has achieved remarkable results, ranking first in the Notice on Commendation and Encouragement for Areas with Notable Achievements in Carrying on Major Policies and Real Practices in 2021. This is the second consecutive year that Shenyang vocational education received this honor.

There are 124 vocational schools at all levels in Shenyang, with 194,000 students. Under the leadership of the CPC Shenyang Municipal Committee and the Shenyang Municipal People's Government, and taking the opportunity of building a national pilot city integrating industry and education, Shenyang has carried out the reform of vocational education in depth, promoted the overall development of vocational education to practical and efficient, and trained more than 60,000 technical talents every year. In the past three years, the non-local students have reached nearly 60%, providing strong support of technical talents for the development and revitalization of Shenyang and even Liaoning.

Modern vocational education system has been improved

In the past two years, the enrollment ratio of vocational schools and regular senior secondary schools in Shenyang had been kept at around 48 to 52, making the ratio of vocational schools to regular senior secondary schools roughly equal Shenyang Polytechnic College holds vocational undergraduate education, and Shenyang Art Infant Normal School continues to promote its upgrading to junior college. It is expected to increase the enrollment of undergraduate students by about 900 and junior college students by about 1,000. The number of secondary vocational schools with "two optimization" (optimization of working way of cadres and development environment) in Shenyang ranks first in the province, and the secondary vocational education has further balanced development. The city's modern vocational education system, "guided by vocational undergraduate education, led by higher vocational education, and based on secondary vocational education", has been basically established.

Integration of industry and education has been deepened

Shenyang is the pilot city of "Dual Cultivation Pilot Project of Industrial Transformation and Technical Talents", "National Pilot City for Integration of Industry and Education", etc. Shenyang firmly seized the opportunity, strengthened the top-level design, and formulated a series of policies and measures to support and promote the reform and development of vocational education, such as Implementation Plan of Shenyang Vocational Education Reform and Implementation Plan of Promoting Development of Vocational Education in Shenyang to Practical and Efficient, which created new drivers of schools and enterprises.

Focusing on industry, Shenyang has successively established UAV, new energy vehicle, additive manufacturing (3D), industrial robot, Internet of Things and other urgently needed majors to meet the needs of industrial transformation and upgrading. At the same time, high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises represented by BMW, Haier and Mitsubishi Elevator are fully involved in vocational education talent training. In 2021, secondary vocational schools set up 105 order classes with 11,606 students, accounting for 14% of the total number of students. A total of 731 became BMW production apprentices; 106 school-enterprise cooperative enterprises were increased; 21 colleges and schools participated in the "1+X" certificate pilot project, and a total of 2,005 students obtained the corresponding certificates, which significantly enhanced the capacity of vocational education service enterprises.

Steady progress has been made in quality improvement and talent cultivation

Since 2021, Shenyang vocational education has won the first place in the province for four times. Secondary vocational school won 12 medals in the national competition, ranking first in Liaoning Province; Shenyang Modern Manufacturing Service School and Shenyang Tourism School became the only two units in Liaoning to obtain the project approval of national teacher innovation team; Shenyang ranks first in the number of project approval, rewards and subsidies in the "two optimization" project; in the teaching achievement award 2020, Shenyang won the only special award in Liaoning Province, with 8 first prizes, accounting for 27.6% of the total, and the number of declaration in 2022 is the first in Liaoning Province.

In recent three years, the local employment rate of secondary vocational education in Shenyang reached about 85%. The local employment rate of Shenyang Polytechnic College is over 60%, and its employment rate in the province is over 90%, making it an important reserve for industries in Liaoning and Shenyang.

(Feng Feng)