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Online Sports Meet for Primary and Secondary School Students in Shenhe District Ended
Parents and students participated in the online competition together through online registration
Source: Shenyang Daily 2022-04-07

In order to guide students to actively carry out home sports,advocate a healthy lifestyle,and enable students to derive enjoyment from sports,Shenhe District Education Bureau held online sports meet for primary and secondary school students,and all students from 53 primary and secondary school in the district participated in the game.

Schools in the district selected more than 500 students and more than 100 parents to reach the district final through primary election.The final includes six events:sit-up,circling basketball,two-person skipping rope,push-up speed stacks,hitting ping pong ball,and pocket catching.

At the end of the online sports meet,the excellent PE teachers in Shenhe District selected 174"masters of sports"and more than 300"sports pioneers".

Liu Peng,a sports official in Shenhe District Education Bureau,said,"The online sports meet is very popular because it encourages students and parents to participate together and encourages the whole family to do sports at home.Exercise is an important way to achieve body and mind healthy.Through the online sports meet,everyone released pressure and exercised."

(Ma Cheng)