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Come on, hard-working students!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2021-12-17

Near the end of the semester,

postgraduate entrance examination,

CET-4 exam and CET-6 exam
will come one after another,

and the libraries of universities

in Shenyang

became the "most visited places"

for students.

There is no empty seat

in the study room and library,

and the corridors, aisles, and stairwells

are also filled

with hard-working students.

From March 1 to December 1 this year, a total of 9,913 people in Shenyang Agricultural University have used the library seat selection system.

364,507 appointments have been made, and the students spent a total of 4,389,291 hours and 40 minutes in the library.

From March 1 to December 1 this year, the library of Shenyang University of Chemical Technology has received 322,900 visitors and 43,863 books have been borrowed and returned.

The library of Shenyang Ligong University has a total of 5,080 reading and self-study seats, 1,540 of which are dedicated seats for postgraduate entrance examination students.

As of December 6, more than 1.3 millionvisits have been paid to the library and259,588 appointments have been made to the library reservation and seat selection system.

These strings of numbers

are their persistence day after day,

and the hard-working figures

rushing to the library for self-study...

May these hard-working students

get what they strive for.