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This school certified by German Foreign Ministry
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2021-12-01

On November 27, the Hübschmann Zhan School Shenyang in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone held the authorization signing ceremony for the "Hübschmann Zhan SchoolShenyang Certified by German Foreign Ministry".

Hübschmann Zhan School Shenyang has become one of 141 German overseas schools in 56 countries certified by German Foreign Ministry.Students can obtain the German academic education permit and directly take the German college entrance examination.

Hübschmann Zhan School Shenyang is the only international school in northeast China that applies the German K12 education system. The school is equipped with the German Abitur system, the officially recognized education systems of IBDP, A Levels and IGCSE and the French curriculum system.

At the signing ceremony, Dr. Franz Decker, Senior Vice President of BMW Brilliance, accepted the appointment letter from the school's legal representative and became the chairman of the advisory committee of Hübschmann Zhan School Shenyang.