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One Intl School Provides 18 ECA For Free
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2021-08-11

Recently, the CISS Third ECA International Club was officially launched.(CISS: Canadian International School of Shenyang)

In the three years since its establishment, the club has not only boosted the improvement of students' abilities in an all-round way, but also expanded the influence of CISS among foreign business organizations and foreigners in the Liaoning and Shenyang area.

In the new school year, the ECA International Club will provide school students with 18 extra-curricular activities (ECA) covering various fields and disciplines including Chinese debate, kindergarten cooking and Lego.

The new extra-curricular activities will provide students with more targeted, rich and substantial content.Students can experience the joy of seeking knowledge and expand their abilities while studying.