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A must-go place for your kids
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2021-12-02

The Liaoning Provincial Library's

Minxue Space "Boys' Room, Girls' Room",

a children's growth experience

reading space,

officially opened!

Minxue Space "Boys' Room, Girls' Room" is an immersive growth experience reading space of more than 100 square meters. The intelligent equipment in the space makes the library a "second classroom" for children.

With the new media technology, the space vividly displays content such as physiological education, safety education, and excellent traditional culture in front of children through more than 30 sets of smart devices such as touch screen, VR, somatosensory capture, splicing large screens, and more than 100 kinds of video resources.

"Where do I come from?"

"What is the difference

between a boy and a girl?"

"How to manage my emotions?"


The answers to the questions

that children often ask in their lives

can be found

in the "Boys' Room, Girls' Room".

Know themselves,

know others and know the world

in leisure and entertainment.

Take your kids

to the Liaoning Provincial Library's
and have a look!