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Liaoning Provincial Library
Source: Shenyang Portal Website 2020-03-05

Basic Information:

Address: No.157,Zhihuisan Street,Hunnan District,Shenyang,Liaoning

Opening hours:

8:30-17:00(except Wednesday)


Zip Code:110015

Introduction to Liaoning Provincial Library

Liaoning Provincial Library (LPL) is one of state-owned public libraries with provincial level in China. As a cultural institution of academic nature, it has the function to provide documents and information services for the public without charge. Besides that, it is also the provincial center for book stocking, bibliography compiling, exchanging among all libraries as well as for professional work coordination and researches.

The precursor of LPL was Northeast China Library which was officially established on Aug.15, 1948 in Harbin on the basis of the preparatory work beginning from 1947, then was moved to Shengyang in November of the same year. The present name “Liaoning Provincial Library” was adopted from 1955, which was the first large size public library ever directly established under the leadership of Chinese Communist Party. In 1989, the new library building was beginning to be constructed and has its soft opening in October, 1994. The new library building was officially opened to the public on August 15, 1998.

Highlight of Library Collections

The ancient books in LPL totaled more than 560,000 volumes, including over 120,000 rare ancient books. There are nearly 100 volumes of books from Song and Yuan Dynasties, among which Succession of Painting compiled by Liu Chun (Song Dynasty), Addendum of Famous Paintings from the Five Dynasties compiled by Liu Daochun, and Yuan Dynasty block printed edition of Song Jisan's Court and Annals of the Kingdoms in the Spring and Autumn Period are all acclaimed at home. In addition, among the collections of rare Chinese ancient books, Pao-pu-tzu volume 20 and the original manuscript of Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio may well be called rare treasures as they possess special values of cultural relics and reference material. Pao-pu-tzu volume 20, compiled by Ge Hong (Jin Dynasty) and block printed by Lin’An government’s Rong Liulang in Shaoxing 22 Song Dynasty, is the sole Song Dynasty block-printed edition existing. Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio, written in classical Chinese by the celebrated writer Pu Songling of Qing Dynasty, is a collection of short stories that is renowned both home and abroad. In LPL there are a half of the manuscripts of Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio, as well as another manuscripts of Pu Songling - Miscellanies of Strange Tales (this title is not made by the original author).

In addition to conducting routine services, LPL has carried out some characteristic work as the situation requires, such as: providing service for leaders’ decision-making, conferences, children, the physically challenged and senior citizens. To better serve the grass-roots units, LPL has set up approximately 90 mobile book stations in rural areas, the troops, towns and villages, institutions, prisons, and enterprises. Besides, up to a million copies have been distributed to the grass-roots units. In recent years, LPL has organized large-scale readers’ activities and themed exhibitions and availed itself of those as the entry point to participate in and serve the society, for which it has received extensive acclaims from all sectors of society.