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Facilitate the travel in metropolitan area
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-09

In recent years,

the construction

of transportation integration

in Shenyang modern metropolitan area

has made gratifying progress.

Six composite transportation corridors

have been formed,

including Shenyang-Fuxin,



Shenyang-Benxi, Shenyang-Fushun

and Shenyang-Tieling,

which take Shenyang as the core.

The "one-hour commuter circle"

has a good foundation for development.

Increase the connectivity

of traffic network

and facilitate the travel

in metropolitan area.

This year,

Shenyang transportation industry

plans to do as follows.

In terms of aviation, project proposal, feasibility study and other approval application of related requirements for the function improvement of the second runway and hub facilities of Taoxian Airport will be carried out to promote the early landing of the project.

In terms of railway, on the basis of continuing to promote the construction of Shenyang-Changbaishan Passenger Dedicated Line and Shenyang-Dandong Relocation Railway, the preliminary demonstration of the Shenyang-Fushun intercity passenger train will be mainly carried out. The preliminary work is expected to be completed this year and the construction is expected to be started next year.

In terms of highways, this year, the construction of Shenyang Ring Expressway upgrading, the south extension of the northwest connection line, the north extension of Jinjia Street, the south extension of Beihe Line, and the Shenzhang Development Avenue (Puhe connection line) will be fully launched, and the completion and opening of the Liuhe Bridge of the Tong-Wu Line and the Puhebei Bridge of the Shenhuan Line will be achieved within the year.

At the same time, the departure mode of the encrypted passenger line will be studied according to the actual demand of the "metropolitan area" commuting. Bus routes will be further optimized and adjusted. In 2023, 20 bus routes in Shenyang will be mainly optimized, and the comprehensive transportation hub functions of Shenyang Railway Station, Shenyangxi Railway Station and Shenyangnan Railway Station will be improved, seamless transfer between railway and urban transportation will be realized, service quality will be improved, and the one-hour commuting demand of citizens among cities will be met.