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Latest news from Shenyang Metro Line 6!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-02

Latest news

from Shenyang Metro Line 6!


Shenyang Municipal

Development and Reform Commission

has allowed

the preliminary

design and budget adjustment

of Shenyang Metro Line 6 Phase I Project.

✔The total length of the line is 34.51 km, all of which will be laid underground, with 29 stations including 14 transfer stations.

✔The total approved estimated investment of Shenyang Metro Line 6 Phase I Project is CNY 27.19 billion.

✔One depot and one parking lot will be set for the whole line, which are Shoufu Xinqu Depot and Yingchunjie Parking Lot respectively. The line will share Pangjiangjie Control Center with Metro Lines 3, 4 and 10, and a new "smart metro" information system will be built.

✔The public security communication system will be constructed separately and will not be included in the scope of this project. In the station building, the platform width will be adjusted from island type ≥ 12m to island type ≥ 11m.

Metro Line 6

is the first metro line

to enter Sujiatun District!

Shenyang Metro Line 6 is another south-north rail backbone line. It mainly passes through commercial and trade areas such as Zhongjie and Wenhua Road, residential areas such as Beita and Changbai Island, as well as scientific, educational and industrial areas such as Shenyang University and Sujiatun District.

Metro Line 6 is also the first metro line to enter Sujiatun District. The completion of the line will be of great significance for building a corridor between the urban core area and the northern and southern areas of the city, alleviating the travel pressure in the core area, and improving the river-crossing travel conditions in Changbai Island, Caozhong and Sujiatun District.

Looking forward to it!