Accelerating the layout of 5G and gigabit fiber new technology
The information infrastructure construction in Shenyang continues to make efforts
Source: Shenyang Daily 2022-07-04

Since this year,Shenyang has been closely following the requirements of high-quality development of manufacturing industry and continuously improving information infrastructure.Up to now,the city has built 20,000 5G base stations and has been approved to build 10 secondary nodes for identification analysis and 5 have been successfully linked with national top-level nodes.

Facing the goal of building"the first city of digital economy in Northeast China",Shenyang is accelerating the layout of new technologies such as 5G and gigabit fiber,speeding up the construction and application of digital scenes,building an intelligent new information infrastructure system with industrial digitization and digital industrialization as the core,and helping to break new ground in the construction of"Digital Shenyang and Smart Manufacturing City".

Speeding up the coordinated development of"double gigabytes"and contributing to the construction of"gigabit city"

Since this year,Shenyang set up a special work class,through the strengthening of tackling difficulties and creating efficiency,to promote 1,777 blocked construction problems timely and properly solved.The city has built 20,000 5G base stations,ranking first in the northeast region.5G networks cover key areas in the city,realizing coverage of government and enterprise units,transportation hubs,scenic spots,vertical industry demand scenarios and dense areas of human mobility.The 5G network access rate in key locations has reached over 93 percent.Shenyang will accelerate the deployment of 10G-PON(a relatively cutting-edge fiber optic transmission technology)equipment and ports,with a focus on covering more than 700 industrial parks,business buildings,schools,medical and health institutions and other places to provide strong network support for the construction of digital Shenyang.

Creating a dedicated international Internet channel and enhancing cross-border communication service capacity

In January this year,Shenyang was successfully approved to build Shenyang international Internet data dedicated channel.Shenyang has set up 9 million RMB Yuan channel construction subsidy funds and innovatively adopted the"double award and subsidy"method for channel construction and use to promote the construction of exclusive data channels directly to the international community in four key export-oriented parks,namely,Shenyang Area of China(Liaoning)Pilot Free Trade Zone,China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang,Shenyang European Union Economic Development Zone and International Software Park,so as to shorten the time delay of international access to the world and provide high-speed,stable and secure international communication resources for enterprises.

Shenyang will also push forward the construction of"Bit Factory"super node,and explore the integrated and innovative application model of"block chain+industrial interconnection".There are only 10 super nodes of"Bit Factory"in China.Shenyang seized the opportunity to seek support from the ministry and province,and jointly promoted with China Academy of Information and Communications Technology,the only super node in Northeast China was successfully settled in Shenyang,and Shenyang became the new hub of"Digital High-speed Railway"together with Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou.The super node started trial operation on January 15 this year,and is accelerating the deployment and development of the underlying platform of block chain,business management,application services and other iterative upgrades to promote Shenyang to build a national industrial Internet and block chain integration infrastructure service facility.

Enhancing industrial Internet service innovation and accelerating the integrated development of industrialization and informationization

Shenyang has continued to promote the construction of industrial Internet platform,invited experts from China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and China Academy of Industrial Internet to diagnose and take the pulse of enterprises,and organized interaction and exchange between platform enterprises in Shenyang and advanced enterprises from other cities.Up to now,7 national platforms and 17 provincial platforms have been approved in the city.A total of 170 million RMB Yuan of provincial special fund for innovation and development of industrial Internet has been obtained for enterprises,which has strongly supported the construction and application of industrial Internet platform in Shenyang.

Shenyang will also promote the initial formation of new industrial Internet infrastructure strategic layout,to provide support for the high-quality development of the industrial Internet.In order to get the Liaoning Branch of China Academy of Industrial Internet,the Liaoning Branch of National Industrial Internet Data Center settled in Shenyang,Shenyang innovated the system and mechanism,and with the strong support of Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Office of the Subcommittee of Institutional Organization of CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee,it innovated the establishment of a new type of public institution in Management Committee of China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang with"no hierarchy and no budgeted post".Since this year,substantial progress has been made in the construction of the Liaoning branch,and the first project"Liaoning Industrial Big Data Management Platform"has been completed.At the same time,Shenyang has innovated the implementation of the"three districts jointly reported"in China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang,Heping District and Shenbei New District,and successfully strove for a national demonstration base of new industrialization industry to settle in Shenyang.

Reporter Huang Chao