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Please keep this health guide!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-01-28

The Spring Festival holiday

has ended,

and many people have returned

or are on their way back.

The high mobility of personnel

increases the risk

of respiratory infectious diseases

such as influenza

and novel coronavirus infection.

Here is a reminder for you:

Before and after the return trip,

don't ignore the health.

Adjust your body and mind,

and start your working state

step by step.

Do a good health monitoring

★At the beginning of the return from the trip, people should strengthen self-health monitoring and try to avoid contacting old people, children or people with basic diseases in your family. Reduce dinner parties and gathering, and perform a good personal protection.

★In case of fever, dry cough, expectoration, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea, abnormal taste, abnormal smell and other symptoms, drink more water and treat symptomatically. If the disease develops, seek medical treatment in time.

Diet regulation is also important

★Adjust your diet, eat regularly, appropriately reduce the meal amount, and give your stomach and intestines a rest.

★Keep a rational diet, eat less oil and salt, eat more coarse grains, fresh vegetables and fruits and foods rich in protein and vitamins.

Regulate the mood and maintain physical and mental pleasure

★Reasonably arrange work and rest, go to bed and get up early, and avoid staying up late.

★Adhere to proper exercise according to personal daily exercise habit.

★People can choose to listen to some soothing music, read books or bask in the sun to maintain physical and mental pleasure.