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This Chinese pastry is so awesome
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-01-31

How awesome can Chinese pastry be?

You'll know the answer

when you see lion's head pastry.

With a red coat, wisps of fluffs,

gleaming eyes and lifelike eyelashes,

the pastry is too lovely to be eaten!

Lion's Head Pastry

In Shenyang,

Wu Yang, one of the post-80s generation,

got inspiration

from the film "Wong Fei-hung"

and combined

the traditional lion dancing culture

with the puff pastry craft -

the lion's head pastry was created.

Wu has devoted himself to traditional Chinese puff pastry and dough sculptures for more than a decade.

With his skillful hands and boundless imagination, he has created a wide range of pastry items.

"Traditional Chinese culture is my inspiration for making Chinese puff pastry. In the future, I hope more young people will understand the culture behind this form of pastry," Wu said.

Do you like such Chinese pastry?