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Li Liangui's Bacon Pancake
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2020-08-07

A signboard is a legend. The time-honored brand restaurants in Shenyang coming from history, witness the development and changes of the city, and reveal the local customs of the city. Let's walk into these time-honored brand restaurants and relive the past and present of Shenyang together.

Li Liangui's Bacon Pancake

A pot of century-old soup makes the meat fragrant, and makes Li Liangui's Bacon Pancake deeply branded in the hearts of Shenyang people.

In 1895, Li Liangui opened a restaurant. By chance, he got a recipe for cooking meat, which made the cooked meat overflowing with fragrance, and his restaurant has become famous ever since.

Because of the large amount of business, in order to facilitate preservation, he smoked and roasted the cooked meat.Unexpectedly, the smoky flavor and crispy freshly baked pancake were even more popular.Since then, this store has a new sign of "Li Liangui's Bacon Pancake".

In 1950, the third-generation successor Li Chunsheng came to Shenyang with the old soup.Seventy years have passed, and Shenyang people's love to the bacon pancake has not diminished at all.

In order to keep the sign of this time-honored brand, the fourth-generation successor Li Fuzhou always strives for perfection to satisfy everyone's taste buds.