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Shenyang flavor snack show-Charcoal grilled skewers
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2020-06-09

In Shenyang, there are many "flavored snacks" that are endlessly memorable.They are hidden in the streets and alleys, and even inconspicuous, but they can attract diners from all directions like a treasure hunting.What are their unique charms? Let's take a closer look to these flavored snacks and find the one that suits your taste best!

Charcoal grilled skewers

When the night falls,letting off the tiredness of the day,having grilled skewers and beer with friends is the favorite pastime of Shenyang people.

Shenyang is definitely one of the gathering places for people who love grilled skewers.The people in Shenyang have a nearly paranoid love for skewers. In addition, businessmen keep studying how to make more delicious skewers.All of these make Shenyang gain a very high level reputation for making skewers. 

In Shenyang, everything can be grilled.From meat to vegetables, from seafood to offal, as long as they can be skewered, Shenyang people will put it on the charcoal fire for a try.

When the delicacies are skewered,sprinkled with fragrant cumin,accompanied by cold beer...

What a unique night for Shenyang People!