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Shenyang flavor snack show-Korean cold noodles
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2020-06-15

In Shenyang, there are many "flavored snacks" that are endlessly memorable.

They are hidden in the streets and alleys, and even inconspicuous, but they can attract diners from all directions like a treasure hunting.

What are their unique charms? Let's take a closer look to these flavored snacks and find the one that suits your taste best!

Korean cold noodles

In Shenyang, there are a large number of Koreans. So, many Korean specialties are served on Shenyang people's table, and cold noodles are one of them.

Korean cold noodles have higher toughness requirements than ordinary noodles.After adding alkali, the noodles are tender yellow, and they can be removed from boiling water after three to five minutes.After passing the cold water again, you can add cold noodles soup, then enjoy the food.

Shenyang people divided the flavoring of cold noodles soup into two types: salty and sweet.Many old-style cold noodles shops in Shenyang specialize in salty cold noodles.The traditional salty cold noodles soup is made from old soup boiled with beef and mixed with various sauces.

There is also a unique branch of salty cold noodles, that is Sujiatun cold noodles with meat sauce.The hot-fried chili powder mixed with carefully cooked meat sauce forms the soul of Sujiatun cold noodles.

On a hot summer day,let's have a bowl of cold noodlesto relieve the heat!