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Shenyang Customs District P.R.China makes it easy for passengers to pay the "personal postal articles tax"
Source: Shenyang Daily 2019-05-08

Shenyang Customs District P.R.China officially launched the mobile payment system of "personal postal articles tax" at the immigration inspection checkpoint of Shenyang Taoxian International Airport on May 7. Inbound passengers are free to choose the mode of their payments. The facilitation level of passenger clearance has been greatly improved.

On May 7, Ms. Gao, who flew from Jeju Island, South Korea to Shenyang, was the first person to experience the convenience of the mobile payment. The Gucci backpack she was carrying was worth 10,000 RMB Yuan. According to the customs regulations, she has to pay the "personal postal articles tax". Ms. Gao chose to pay taxes by scanning the QR code through Alipay App after learning that the mobile payment system has been opened at the immigration inspection checkpoint of Shenyang Taoxian International Airport. It took only 5 seconds for the customs officer to complete the "personal postal articles tax" payment procedures for Ms. Gao. She also enjoyed the reform dividend of "personal postal articles tax" reduction. Ms. Gao paid 500 RMB Yuan less than before. The successful payment of the tax marks the official opening of the mobile payment function of Shenyang Customs District P.R.China, and the payment of "personal postal articles tax" has entered the era of mobile payment.

Shenyang Customs District P.R.China, in cooperation with China Merchants Bank and various mobile payment units, opened the mobile payment function of personal postal articles tax on the basis of realizing the function of POS machine payment and App payment. At present, passengers can pay the personal postal articles tax through cash, POS machine, China Merchants Bank App, Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay App at Shenyang Customs District P.R.China in the airport.

Personal Postal Articles Tax: It refers to the import tax on personal baggage and postal items entering China, the import value-added tax, and the consumption tax. The objects of taxation include dutiable luggage and articles carried by inbound passengers, conveyance and service personnel, personal postal articles, gifts and other personal belongings brought into the country by other means.

Reporter Zhao Guoqing, Han Xiaochen