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Commercial street brings exotic twist to Shenyang
Source: China Daily 2023-05-27

A new commercial street featuring pop-up stores opened on May 20 in Shenyang bringing a refreshing change to the city's commercial landscape in the summer.

Named 37 Lounge, the street is part of the third-phase extension of Shenyang MIXC shopping mall.

Different from a conventional shopping street targeting consumers of all ages, 37 Lounge is designed to create a youth-friendly community, integrating brands and cultural elements appealing to younger generations, local officials said.

Running until Aug 26, the seasonal street bazaar is open from noon to 9 pm, Mondays to Thursdays. Over weekends, the opening time is extended to 10 pm.

Shattering the stereotypical image of a gritty and cold city in Northeast China, which has long been known as one of the country's traditional industrial hubs, the chic street is bedecked with tropical foliage and warm colors, presenting an exotic atmosphere.

The street bazaar has become a kaleidoscope of colors, smells and sounds. All the pop-up stores in the street are painted with "warm white" as the main color tone and adorned with "sunset orange" and "passionate yellow" to form a visually striking street logo image on the background walls.

Exotic plants such as palm trees, cacti and agaves, as well as a scattering of surfboards and swim rings, and a fountain at the heart of the street, have also helped 37 Lounge become a popular check-in spot in the city.

Live performances are lined up for weekend nights, meeting the diverse demands of visitors.

The street has introduced five popular pop-up store brands of food franchise Potato Corner, outdoor lifestyle creator Snow Peak, Dikka Bakery, More Yogurt and Nama Cocoa. The first three have made their Northeast China debut in the street.

Another five pop-up stores present in the street are indigenous brands. They are Half Half, Mooki and Friends, Pan Pan Roll, RiShine Miles, and Shanhai Teahouse.

"As a Shenyang native brand, we are committed to promote local culture and youth culture," said Chen Xi, a co-founder of Shanhai Teahouse. "We wish to capitalize on 37 Lounge to introduce traditional Chinese tea culture to more young consumers and bring Shanhai into their view."

"Tea culture is typical of Chinese culture, which is inclusive," she said. "By combining innovative tea drinks and aesthetic spaces, we hope to create an immersive experience model that covers tea drinking, shopping, and exchanges in tea culture."

"In this way, we hope to change young people's stereotyped impression of tea and have drinking tea gain acceptance as a new option for their modern lifestyle."

Zhang Shengjun, an operator of Mooki and Friends, said the street's style dovetails perfectly with that of his cafe.

Mooki and Friends is a cafe of which being handmade is the hallmark, ranging from pull-over coffee to the selection of coffee beans and the making of syrup and jam, as well as coffee and dessert paring, according to Zhang. "Perhaps not everything can be perfect, but our guests can feel the sincerity of our hospitality," he noted. "A concept of being at home, that is my goal and distinguishes us from our peers."

Xiao Xia, a photographer who is also the operator of RiShine Miles cafe, said she is amazed at the visitor flow to the street.

The current flow of visitors to the RiShine Miles pop-up store is equivalent to that of the cafe's other outlets after one or two years of operation, Xiao said. "The revenue these days has exceeded my expectations."