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Dragon dance is performed in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-12-26

With the accompaniment

of passionate music,

colorful "long dragons"

and  "short dragons"

sometimes jump happily,

sometimes hover…

On the ice rink of Beiling Park,

there is a "senior" dragon dance team.

They work out

through dragon dance,

and gain health and happiness.

This famous dragon dance team

is called

Shenyang Dragon and Phoenix Team.

Lan Jin, the leader of Shenyang Dragon and Phoenix Team, said that the team, whose members have an average age of 63, was established in 2020. Recalling her first contact with the dragon dance, she said, "Once I went to Beiling Park to play. I saw several people dancing dragons there and thought it was fun, so I joined them. At that time, there was no team. Later, the team grew from three or four people to more than 50 people today."

Every time there is a festival, it is also the busiest time for Shenyang Dragon and Phoenix Team. From the Spring Festival to Dragon Heads-raising Day and to the Dragon Boat Festival, the team will be invited to perform in various places. Last year, they also appeared on the stage of Liaoning Radio and TV Station Spring Festival Gala.

It is understood that there are hundreds of dragon dances throughout the country. After thousands of years of spread and development, the forms of expression are more diverse.Lan Jin said, "We dance dragons not only to work out, but also to inherit the intangible cultural heritage and carry forward the spirit of dragons."