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This new campsite in Shenyang is so great!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-07-29

People always yearn

for the summer

in the mountains and fields.

Set up tents with friends,

and then chat about life

while viewing

the poetic beautiful scenery.

This is probably

the life people are longing for!

Do you also want to be between

the green mountains and clear waters

to experience the wild life in the tent?

Here is

a wonderful campsite for you.

At the No.77 Campsite

at the foot of Qipan Mountain,

lawn camping,rural leisure,

creative catering,parent-child picking...

It can meet your needs

in food,accommodation,

travel and entertainment.

No need to travel far

and return to nature.

Have an urban rural micro-vacation

and enjoy the new life

of culture and tourism.

On July 28,

the No.77 Campsite of Qipan Mountain

was grandly opened.

Different from camping in regular mode,

there is an empty yard

in the over 400-mu No.77 Campsite

of Qipan Mountain

to meet the diverse camping ways

of different groups.

There are several tree houses

scattered in the forest,

where you can have a panoramic view

of the wonderful rural scenery.

There are capsule-shaped hotels

where you can immerse yourself

in the unique charm of nature.

In addition,

it also has functions

including trendy visiting,

climbing high and viewing,

sale of cultural and creative products,

simple snack and water bar,

and camping supplies.

More fun is waiting for you to explore.

This summer,

go to the No.77 Campsite

of Qipan Mountain

to enjoy the enchanting life!