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Shenyang Local People Enjoy a Sports Spring Festival
Source: Shenyang Daily 2019-02-12

During 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year Festival, playing on the ice and snow is the first choice for the people in Shenyang to enjoy the holiday.

Shenyang citizens increasingly realized that ice and snow are also invaluable assets; they know how to enjoy and cherish the "ice-snow world" that the unique climatic conditions created for them. There are also many fitness enthusiasts still choose to stay in the gym during the Spring Festival. They played archery, badminton, table tennis, basketball and other kind of sports with their friends. They also had a good time in the holiday. The "elderly sports enthusiasts" also had great time exercising in the park or at the square. Accompanied by their children and grandchildren, the elderly played Tai Chi, practiced swordplay and fitness dance. Accompanied and appreciated by their children, the Spring Festival is full of fun for them.

Reporter Ding Yaoyao