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Here come the talent policies of Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-02-24

If you come to Shenyang

for employment and entrepreneurship,

you can get the maximum CNY 70,000

of first house-purchase subsidy,

be provided with talents apartment,

apply for entrepreneurial living subsidy…

On February 23,

2023 spring activities

of Shenyang Talent Introduction Series

kicked off.

On the same day,

Shenyang staff for talent introduction

carried out the city promotion

in University of Science

and Technology Beijing.

What talent policies are there

for employment and entrepreneurship

in Shenyang?

Look here!


In terms of talents introduction and livable policies, Shenyang proposes that for graduates with bachelor, master and doctor degree from full-time ordinary colleges and universities who came to Shenyang for employment within five years after graduation, if both the house-purchase time (after January 1, 2017) and the graduation time are not more than five years, they can get one-off first house-purchase subsidies of CNY 70,000, CNY 40,000 and CNY 20,000 respectively.

In addition to house-purchase subsidy, Shenyang also provides housing security for all kinds of talents in renting and purchasing.

Rent-free talent apartments will be provided to qualified high-level talents for three years, and rent reduction will be implemented for other qualified talents.

For graduation grade students in school and graduates within 5 years of graduation with bachelor degree or above from ordinary colleges and universities but without Shenyang household register who come to Shenyang to apply for jobs, they can enjoy free talent station service for up to 15 days.

Employment and entrepreneurship living subsidies will be given to college graduates.

For fresh graduates of ordinary colleges and universities with Shenyang household register who are employed for the first time in Shenyang, living subsidies will be given according to the standard of CNY 30,000 (doctor), CNY 14,400 (master), CNY 7,200 (bachelor) and CNY 3,600 (junior college) per person per year for a maximum of 36 months.

The junior college graduates' employment and entrepreneurship living subsidy has been implemented since January 1, 2023.

In the next step,

the spring activities

will also enter

the "double world-class" universities

in Changchun, Harbin,

Dalian and other regions,

and will continue until the end of April.

Shenyang embraces you

with open arms.

Come to Shenyang

to pursue your dreams!