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This certificate is handled more simply
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-09-08

Good news!


and Entrepreneurship Certificate

Handheld Version 2.0"

has been officially launched recently!


the household registration restrictions,

people from all over the country

who come to Shenyang

for employment and entrepreneurship

can apply for

Employment and Entrepreneurship Certificate


the"Shenyang Government Service"App.

As long as the mobile phone location is in Shenyang and the applicant fills in the personal household registration information and residence information,there is no need to submit any materials or wait for manual approval and the electronic version of Employment and Entrepreneurship Certificate with more than 10 pages can be generated online in real time.

The employment and unemployment registration information can be all displayed on the Employment and Entrepreneurship Certificate.

"Submitting materials only once"can realize"Employment and Entrepreneurship Certificate"immediate approval and immediate handle.It not only improves people's sense of experience and gain,but also ensures that the data is timely,accurate and safe.

The upgraded service

facilitates people more!

How great it is!