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Tourists speak highly of Shenyang's services
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2024-02-05

Give away cultural and tourist souvenirs,Shenyang cultural and tourist maps,Shenyang specialties, etc.;Provide QR codes for one-stop services such as electronic Shenyang cultural and tourist map,electronic food map and reservation of cultural and tourist direct buses…

On February 2,the cultural and tourist service stations established by the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television at Shenyang Railway Station,Shenyangbei Railway Station,and Shenyang Taoxian International Airport were put into operation.

On February 2, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport was bustling with people coming and going. A jubilant and joyful event was being held at the cultural and tourist service station not far from the passenger exit.

On site, Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television prepared a lot of gifts for tourists, including Shenyang hand-painted map, "Youhaoshi" popsicle, introduction to "reservation of free cultural and tourist direct buses" and Chinese New Year "Fu" character. Each gift is full of enthusiasm, concern and love for tourists in Shenyang.

The entire event site was filled with laughter and joy. "I never expected that there would be so many heartwarming staff and gifts waiting for us as soon as we landed in Shenyang. Shenyang's hospitality really lives up to its reputation," said a newlywed couple from Shanghai.

Shenyang has launched a welcoming guests mode with sincere and enthusiastic services.Come to Shenyang for the Chinese New Year!