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Shenyang Immigration Service Center is unveiled
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-09-28

On September 27,Shenyang Immigration Service Center was officially unveiled.

Shenyang's construction of a market-oriented, rule-of-law-based,and international business environment has reached a new level.

The establishment of Shenyang Immigration Service Center is an institutional innovation in Shenyang's foreign-related services, and it is also the first new model of "one-window inter-agency services" on foreign-related services in the province.By carrying out the cross-field, cross-department, cross-matter and cross-network integrated innovation, the center will achieve "one-window" acceptance, "one-network" handling, and "one-time" completion on foreigners' study, work and residence services in Shenyang.

The center relies on the comprehensive service platform for entry-exit personnel, and utilizes information technologies such as big data, government cloud and mobile internet to achieve information sharing and exchange with various foreign-related departments, comprehensively accept and handle matters on government services for domestic and foreign people studying, working, and living in Shenyang, and provide social services such as policy consultation, innovation and entrepreneurship, residence permits, legal aid and practical life guides for foreign talents.Thereby, the integrated service of "handling one matter at one service center through one window" will be achieved.

Since its trial operation in July 2022, the center has successively completed the testing of 43 foreign-related service matters, established communication, collaboration and business circulation mechanisms involving 13 government functional departments, and provided immigration services to 204 overseas talents.

Shenyang continues to improve its international living environment,create an international business environment,create an international cultural environment,and build a modern international metropolis that is suitable for foreigners to live, work, study and travel.

"International Shenyang" becomes better and better!Welcome to Shenyang!