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Shenyang comprehensively carried out building elevation renovation quality improvement action
Source: Shenyang Daily 2023-02-24

According to Shenyang Municipal Comprehensive Law-Enforcing Bureau of City Administration on February 23 that in accordance with the work deployment of the CPC Shenyang Municipal Committee and Shenyang Municipal People's Government on building elevation renovation quality improvement action, Shenyang selected the main streets in the urban area and the streets that must be passed through for major activities, and determined the renovation list of 96 main streets. The person in charge told reporters that the rectification will be carried out through "engineering + management" measures to immediately carry out the building elevation renovation work. The engineering category includes whitewashing building walls and repairing external damages. The management category includes the demolition of illegal buildings, the regulation of advertising signs, the and elimination and hidden of external pipelines, the cleaning of building elevation, etc.

According to reports, Shenyang has carried out training on building elevation cleaning and remediation, and developed relevant work standards, guidelines and work programs. The city appearance management departments of various districts have formed problem samples through on-the-spot checks and are now conducting comprehensive checks. In combination with the comprehensive upgrading work of Zhongshan Square buildings, Heping District has dismantled 26 signs, hollow characters and other facilities, and more than 30 signs have been removed.

The relevant person in charge said that Shenyang would combine the urban environment cleaning action in spring, and strive to complete the removal of illegal construction and illegal advertising signs, cable bundling and concealing, building elevation cleaning and other work on 96 key streets before the Labor Day. When the temperature is suitable, the wall painting and repair of damages will be carried out.

Reporter Yu Hai