The ice play festival kicked off in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2024-01-29

Celebrate the Chinese New Year and enjoy the ice and snow!

2024 China·Shenyang Ice Play Festival kicked off!Multiple experiences and activities are waiting for you.

Come to have fun in Shenyang!

Recently, the 2024 China·Shenyang Ice Play Festival and the Shenyang Metropolitan Area Speed Skating Invitational kicked off on Yingchun Lake in Sujiatun District.This year's ice play festival is designed to carry out 2 sections and 13 groups of competition activities, which not only attracted ice sports enthusiasts from Shenyang, but also over 100 sports enthusiasts from Anshan, Fushun, Jilin Province and other places.

The ice play festival will last until February 10. During the festival, sports enthusiasts can experience various winter events such as speed skating, ice skiing vehicle, ice cycling, ice spinning top and mountain snow slide on Yingchun Lake in Sujiatun District.

Since the beginning of this winter, Sujiatun District has launched special ice and snow themed activities, such as the "Liaoning Province Student Short Track Speed Skating Championships" and "Ice and Snow into Campus".Next, Sujiatun District will create a more distinctive winter sports event brand, and continuously improve the construction of infrastructure for winter sports.

Various surprises are waiting for you to discover in Shenyang in winter.