Shenbei honored for ecological civilization
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-11-03

Recently,Shenyang Shenbei New District was awarded the title of Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment at the China Ecological Civilization Forum.

Here are ecological homes with lucid waters and lush mountains.How beautiful is Shenbei New District?Let's take a look!

Mountaineering and scenery appreciation can be achieved here.

Water scenery and camping can be enjoyed here.

Rice fields can be used for painting here.

Many places can be visited for sighting here.

In Shenbei New District, there is currently 1 national wetland park—Liaohe Qixing Wetland Park, 1 national water conservancy scenic area—Puhe Ecological Corridor, and 1 Liaohe Qixinghu Scenic Area with a total area of 22.6 square kilometers.

There is 1 provincial-level tourist resort, 2 national 4A-level tourist attractions, 10 national 3A-level tourist attractions, 45 intangible cultural heritages at or above the city level (including 1 national-level intangible cultural heritage and 7 provincial-level intangible cultural heritages), 20 cultural relics protection units at or above the city level (including 14 provincial-level units), 1 Chinese historical and cultural village, and 1 national key rural tourism village.

There are 2 characteristic museums, namely Paleontology Museum of Liaoning and China Xibe Museum.

It is excellent not only in ecological condition,but also in human culture.In addition to Shenbei New District,Shenyang, with rich natural resources,can fulfill your tourist dream all the year round.Shenyang will catch your eyes.