BIM intelligent approval platform is built
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-07-19

Recently,Hunnan District Business Environment Construction Bureau led the construction of Hunnan District BIM Intelligent Approval System.

Relying on the "BIM Intelligent Approval Platform",the approvals for engineering construction projects are accelerated.The approval time is shortened from at least 35 working days in the past to less than 25 working days at present.

Hunnan District BIM Intelligent Approval System adopts the virtual roaming technology based on BIM, deeply integrates Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geographic information System (GIS) and overlays design results and approval data to provide intuitive and visual approval business scenarios and comprehensive analysis functions for approval personnel.Moreover, it associates BIM model information with design data in the approval system to realize seamless connection between BIM model information and approval businesses.

The system can be applied to the two stages of planning permit and construction permit to provide integrated services from design to construction for engineering construction projects.

How to use the platform?

Project applicants and design units can apply through mobile terminals such as mobile phone and computer.The system can automatically obtain the required project information, realize the pre-acceptance, review and feedback of application materials, and generate the building engineering planning permit, construction drawing review certificate and construction permit online.