PHD Holders move into the "talent apartments"
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-07-03

Participate in the apartment-selection lottery on site,sign a housing agreement,collect the key,and immediately move into the "talent building".

On June 30,a sales office in Huanggu District of Shenyang welcomed 32 special "tenants"--the first batch of PHD Holders recruited by Huanggu District from the public.

This "talent building" is one of the talent housing projects specially built by Huanggu District for regional talent introduction. The residential community where the telent building is located adjacent to the 2nd Ring Road, and the average price of apartments is over CNY 10,000 per square meter.The 32 talent apartments, ranging in size from 107 to 131 square meters, are all-furnished, with complete appliances and furniture. People can move in them just bringing personal belongings.

According to the agreement, PHD Holders can not only live for 10 years for free, but also enjoy a 40% housing subsidy given by the government according to the market assessment price in the year of purchase if they have the intention to purchase after the expiration.

For PHD Holders participating in the apartment-selection, the longest-serving is 8 months, and the shortest-serving is about 1 week. As newly recruited PHD Holders come to work, Huanggu District will continue to carry out talent housing and apartment-selection, so that talents can live and develop at ease in Huanggu District. In addition, a systematic project focusing on talent "introduction, cultivation, retention, and utilization" has been fully launched.

Building nests to attract talents and working together to meet the better future .Shenyang looks forward to your arrival!