Shenhe District develops 24-hour economy
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-02-23

The vibrant Shenyang night

is back!

Night shopping,

night catering, night touring,

night entertainment,

night accommodation

and night travel!

Shenhe District creates new scenarios,

new forms and new ways to play!

Develop 24-hour economy

in multiple dimensions

at the same time!

The charm

of "Night Shenhe District"

will be comprehensively displayed

in eight views!

Let's have a look!

01▶Expand the sale of goods at night.

Encourage key blocks and key retail enterprises to delay the closing time of stores, carry out night consumption promotion activities, and set more community chain convenience stores.

02▶Motivate the consumption of catering at night.

Develop the "top 10 food theme blocks" such as Caita Night Market, Quanyuanyi Road and Beiwencui Road, support the bar cluster areas such as Binhe Road of Qingnian Park, and guide catering enterprises to extend their business hours.

03▶Support bulk consumption at night.

Encourage Dongling Road Auto Trade Street to extend business and service hours, and create a unique hot spot for car consumption at night.

04▶Promote the development of the B&B industry.

Build the B&B industry suitable for different consumer groups, and encourage B&Bs to improve standards and optimize services.

05▶Increase the number of cultural places at night.

Encourage theaters, cinemas and music performance teams to offer affordable evening performances. Advocate public cultural venues such as libraries and cultural centers to open at night.

06▶Enrich night entertainment activities.

Standardize the development of entertainment service industries such as KTV, E-sports entertainment, Room Escape game and script show. Hold cosplay exhibition, cheongsam exhibition and other night display activities.

07▶Develop night tourism resources.

Take the night tours of the ancient city and the Hunhe River as the main line, build light shows on the ancient city and both sides of the Hunhe River, and design the night tour boutique routes and characteristic performance programs.

08▶Develop night sports and fitness activities.

Take advantage of parks, squares and national fitness venues to organize colorful night mass fitness activity, sports event, competitive activity and so on.

At the beginning of the evening,

end a tiring day's work,

go to Shenhe District

to experience the bustle and hustle

at night!