Yuhong District Students Enjoying the Ice and Snow Activity Base was established
Source: Shenyang Daily 2023-01-24

The education system of Yuhong District recently held the launching ceremony of "Flag Project" and the establishment ceremony of Students Enjoying the Ice and Snow Activity Base in Dingxiang Lake Park.

After the launching conference of the "Flag Project" in Yuhong District was held, the education system responded quickly and actively developed the "Flag Project" program, targeting the "Five Battles of Education" and promoting the high-quality development of education in Yuhong through these five "Flag Capturing Project".

First, Yuhong District will strive to create the city's first batch of preschool "popularization and beneficial" outstanding area.

Second, Yuhong District will actively promote project construction, and realize that three new schools will be put into use and four schools will start construction within this year.

Third, Yuhong District will build a new vocational education center with high standards, establish a national model school, and build vocational education clusters in the Shaling area.

Fourth, Yuhong District will establish a national "Internet +" education innovation and application base to facilitate the implementation of the "easing the burden of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring for students undergoing compulsory education" policy.

Fifth, Yuhong District will promote the construction of characteristic schools at a high level, establish a total of 23 national characteristic schools of ice and snow, football, basketball and volleyball, and build an ice and snow activity base for students in Dingxiang Lake Park and a labor education practice base for primary and middle school students.

The establishment of Yuhong District Students Enjoying the Ice and Snow Activity Base in Dingxiang Lake Park is the first highlight of the education system in 2023. It is an important battle of "education on cultivating ideals and faith, core socialist values, China's fine traditional culture, ecological civilization and mental health" in the "Five Battles of Education" and a new chapter of Shenyang's "Enjoying the Ice and Snow" series of activities. A series of ice and snow courses and training programs such as roller skating speed skating, double-plate skiing, snowboarding will be wonderfully presented at the base, setting off a new climax of ice and snow sports in primary and secondary schools in Yuhong District.

Reporter Xu Na, Li Wei