Shenhe District launched a new approval mode of "joint handling for certificates and licenses"
Source: Shenyang Daily 2023-01-25

On January 19, Shenyang Xinxin Trading Co., Ltd., as the first beneficiary enterprise, truly felt the convenience brought by the new approval mode of "joint handling for certificates and licenses" just launched in Shenhe District.

Recently, relying on the "business start-up service" zone of the district government affairs service center, Shenhe District Business Environment Construction Bureau opened a new mode of "joint handling for certificates and licenses". Through the provincial government service network " certificates and licenses joint handling" platform, the district market supervision department is responsible for the registration of market entities and food, industrial products, special equipment, inspection and testing and other administrative licensing matters, to achieve the process of "one network acceptance, one single notification, joint examination and approval, one window issuance", enterprises can enjoy "one-time establishment, one-time change, one-time cancellation" theme-based and packaged services.

On the same day, Shenyang Xinxin Trading Co., Ltd. as the first beneficiary enterprise,  got the "certificate and license" at the same time. This also marks the success of Shenhe District's reform of "joint handling for certificates and licenses", which truly realizes the interlocking and seamless examination and approval process of business license and market supervision field certificate, reduces the time limit of business admission, effectively reduces the institutional cost, and effectively enhances the sense of gain of enterprises and the masses.

Reporter Zhang Jing